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Business Case 1: Business Development/Portfolio [page 1/2]

Possible questions of the client firm

a. The board of directors or general management are not yet certain whether they wish to enter into a
new product/customer segment (diversification). They want external expertise for professional
evaluation, management and implementation of the project.

Possible action by LOXIS
In consultation with the Principal, LOXIS will form a project team using internal and external
resources in order to achieve a professional decision within a suitable time.

b. Too broad a product range results in uncontrollable complexity, compromising customer satisfaction.
The senior management wishes to concentrate on core competences and to make an analysis of the
product and customer portfolio.

Possible action by LOXIS
will work up the necessary data using adequate instruments (where possible with specialised
internal staff) in order to decide on the question in the shortest possible time and to reduce the
complexity of processes.

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