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Selection of Mandates since 2001

· International market studies (Asia and Europe) in cooperation with a German advisory institution

· Business plan and evaluation of market opportunities for a group of new products for a Swiss
market leader

· Member of the Strategic Business Development Committee for a group of pharmaceutical firms in
Asia with approx. 4,000 employees

· Positioning and business plan for a new product for the Swiss subsidiary of an international
manufacturer of pharmaceuticals

· Regulatory registration and product notification of functional foods

· Cooperation on various projects of International Company Search (CDI)

· Cooperation with the feasibility study (including market evaluation) for the setting up of a
production establishment for immune biology in an extra-European country

· Contract planning and licensing in / out of know-how and technology for an international
pharmaceutical producer

· Implementation of a new organisational structure and selection of a reshaped committee (incl.
new president) for a professional association

· Strategic controller of a project for international cooperation. Temporary operational manager of
the core sub-projects (e.g. procurement and training)

Further practical examples on request.