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LOXIS offers the following advisory services:

Coaching of strategic management, part time and fixed term management respectively
· Line and market oriented tasks: Manage sales organisations, lead inter-disciplinary projects, introduce
new products and product groups or e.g. implement a new corporate identity / a new corporate

· Business planning: Prepare product and sales plans, control product range, introduce variable gross
margin accounting, establish business plans, balanced score card for the integration of strategies.

· Organisational development: Analyse organisational structures focussing on integrated business
processes under inclusion of personal capacities.

· Evaluate and implement IT-based knowledge tools, analyse and align the supply chain for added

Reposition known products/services and develop introductory plans for new products/services, set up and expand central marketing and product management respectively, set up an international sales organisation. Market analyses, market surveys (country wise, regional).

Portfolio Development
Long-term portfolio development, business development at R&D level, production or distribution (intercultural negotiations)

Develop personal and market-oriented skills for Marketing management and staff / management not originating from marketing but concerned with market oriented tasks.