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Business Case 3: Fixed Term Management [page 1/2]

Possible problems of the client firm

a. The firm's general manager is unavailable for several months for health reasons: several projects are
running that brook no delay. The firm cannot release the necessary total capacity internally.

Possible action by LOXIS
Appointment as temporary general manager is agreed and clear priorities are set with regard to
tasks (time management and goals to achieve), competencies and responsibility.

b. The board of directors disposes of its existing general manager and wishes to put forward an interim
solution, in order to avoid unnecessary uncertainty and a drain on crucial staff. The search for a
suitable successor shall be initiated professionally.

Possible action by LOXIS
LOXIS undertakes general management on a temporary basis and works with the essential core
teams on professional continuation of the business. Priority tasks are maintained by team and group
formation and the company's existence thereby assured.

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