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Case 1: Business Development/Portfolio|Case 2: Coaching|Case 3: Fixed Term Management
Business Cases

In the following we describe typical cases and problems, where the services of LOXIS are called in for solutions:

1. Business Development/Portfolio
The upper Management and Board of directors respectively have to decide, whether its is reasonable
to enhance the product portfolio or not. It wants professional support from LOXIS..

2. Coaching
The senior management wants to educate the actually responsible staff as well as future managers
in respect of Sales and Marketing, aiming to achieve a high level of (core) competence or at least to
generate a common platform and terminology / culture for strong action.

3. Fixed Term Management
The CEO or specialised Managers are unavailable for a certain period (e.g. months) or permanently.
The Board wants to avoid lack of management and insecurity within the crucial staff and is looking for
a transitory solution while assessing the new management crew